Tips to Live Peacefully

We are all on this planet. And unless we want more world wars, we have to learn how to co-exist. Usually, people can generally control this through following the law and paying taxes for law enforcement. Some taxes also go to national defense. The following are tips to live peacefully:

1. Don’t Hang Around Criminals

Society has a lot of second chances. And after criminals go to jail, they might be changed people. However, if you know someone who is committing crimes, then do not spend time with them. They might seem like perfectly pleasant people, but they can get you in a lot of trouble. And if they are doing crimes in your presence, you could be considered an accomplice. Don’t try to be a hero. If you know they are committing crimes regularly, then you can point the police in the right direction. But stay clear of them.

Also, they might have found loopholes in the law, such as how to not pay taxes. But if they tell you these things, then you must evaluate if you want to be friends with them. After all, they are technically stealing from everyone to get the luxuries that you pay towards tax. So think twice.

2. Don’t be a Troublemaker

You know the sort of person. They are always stirring the pot. Their posts on social media are political. They are one step away from pulling a Kathy Griffin stunt that goes viral. Try to think if this is the type of companion you want to have. Someone who doesn’t value life enough to make death threats about others that they don’t agree with. Part of being a good citizen of the world is to look for ways to have peaceful and respectful communication with others. And writing a bunch of inflammatory garbage on the Internet is not a nice way to blow off steam. If you have friends on your social media that do these things, consider unfriending them. It is one thing to express your opinion, and another to spew violent sentiments.

3. Know When to Walk Away

You might have known people in the past who are bullies. They are the type of people that think they are better than others. They take joy in singling people out and making them miserable. If these type of people want to have a reunion, then it’s your choice to attend. But if they plan on spilling metaphorical pig’s blood on the head of the black sheep of the group, then count yourself out. Also, you should warn that person about the trap. One way bullies thrive is to continually relive the past in juvenile mobs. Break up the circle and let those people know they are really only a menace.

If you feel that you want to live in harmony with others, then consider implementing these tips to live peacefully. They won’t cost you anything, and you are sure to feel happier afterward. Your life is more important than letting strife get in the way of a good future.

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